Customize Tournament Layout for Tourney #000000

  • This is the page that will allow you to customize your tournament with special colors, fonts, backgrounds, graphics, etc. You can do things as simple as just changing the text colors and backgrounds, or as complex as inserting special HTML to create mouse-trails and other fun effects.
  • Top Image Link:
    Image will go below title,
    in between the header lines
       If you have a logo for your tourney, or a picture you want at the top of your page, you dont need the HTML codes in this spot, just the url. It will start with http://
    EZ Picker:

    Custom HTML:
    Goes below the ad. Case's
    Ladder not responsible for any
    problems resulting from
    custom HTML.
      This where you use HTML. You can use fonts and images, even scripts for mouse trailers in this area. Because this is a small area, I highly recommend you use notepad or wordpad to work out your HTML on first, then copy and paste it to this big white box. 

    **What is in that box now is only the rules for Bid 3 or Nil**

    HTML Color Chart   This is the link to the browser safe colors
    Tourney Style:     Here you choose either the custom or custom pro format. The custom pro format has a totally different look to it. Play with it, test it, see which you prefer.
    Font type:    Font type depends entirely on the computer and browser that is being used to view your page. Some fonts that most computers can see are...Times New Roman,Arial,Arial Black,Verdana,Comic Sans MS,Courier New,Impact and Helvetica.
    *Background image:     Place the "url" of a background graphic here.  You don't need the HTML codes for this spot.  This will start with http://
    EZ Picker:

    Color Scheme:    Cases has made it easier for you to have a custom tourney page.  This drop down menu places a background color, font face and colors all coordinated for each theme!
    Background color: #   Use the HTML color code chart link located middle left of this page to choose colors for each of these area below.  You don't need the # sign in front.
    Link color: #
    Text color: #
    Header background color: #
    Header text color: #
    Small header color: #
    Title color: #
    Set these colors as your default colors when creating a new tournament.  You can set it up so that this format will "save" the colors and options you choose for every tourney you make. It will automatically create the same colors if you check the box and click submit.
    * This must be a link to an image file beginning with http://